Swan Crane Service, LLC

Whatever "IT" is... We Can Lift It!

Thank you for visiting Swan Crane Service, LLC's website!  We offer crane rentals with a fully licensed and experienced operator.  In addition, we have a two-person hanging basket.

Even though we are located in Northern New Jersey, we service all of New Jersey as well as New York, Pennsylvania and beyond.  We believe our years of experience within this industry will help us answer all of your questions and take care of all of your needs. 

Among the many lifting specialties are HVAC, Cell Tower Construction and Maintenance, Pools and Spas, Steel Erection/Removal, Trusses, Machinery, Generators, Glass, Monuments, Roofing, Trees, Light Poles, Steeples and Cupolas, and signs to name a few.   The scope of the items rigged and lifted is much to numerous to list, however, rest assured that no matter what you need to pick up, we can do it!

With thousands of lifts under his belt, Dave Swan is an expert operator and rigger with your best interest in mind.  He operates the crane in a quick yet smooth manner and delivers the lifted items right into your hands.